Let me see, something basic should go here. Since this is a blog of different areas lets start with the mommy aspect. My names Kelly. I am a mother to three awesome, chaotic, adorable kids who are 5, 2, and a few months old. The oldest is a boy and the other two are my girls.

The wife part is simple. I’m married to a great, yet stubborn (like myself) other half for over four years now. We have two kitties and a doggie too, for what it’s worth.

Here’s some life for ya. I am pretty small. I am 4′ 11″ on a good day and ugh, not really a fan of it. I eat cinnamon graham crackers every day .. and I eat like I’m still pregnant actually. I will always love Harry Potter and yes, even twilight. I’m a nerd at heart. I suck at video games, but I like to “try” or watch my son school me already. I do have anxiety. I’m sure you can imagine why I like to have things in order or thought out (for the most part) to avoid the madness that waits and grows inside my head. I try to write or read when I can. Along with many other things, I’m sure you’ll learn in time.

So if you could follow along my lovely blog I’m starting that’d be cool. I’d love to connect and share my life with you. I hope you’re there with me along the way as I get the hang of this whole blogging deal.

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