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Happy Halloween, first post ;)

First of all, Happy Halloween to anyone reading this!

This is my first official post, so I’m sure it won’t be anything spectacular. It doesn’t help that I am doing this fast in between cries for more milk, a needed diaper change (for the third time this hour), and other mom things. I promise to work on it.

To start off, my poor son was starting to be subjected to costume repeat quite often. And might I add, I have gotten away with it a good two years in a row. I don’t think it makes me so horrible re-using costumes. If they fit, why not? To clarify; my kids are still young and can care less about what they have on. Any of the times he did re-wear his little pirate costume, he was like two or three years old. Mommy was super broke and sick last year so I was not about to go out and spend over $15 for something for one night. To top it off, back then he hardly ate the candy. Seriously, there was something wrong with him to pass on candy. Just kidding, but it was always easy sailing. And with my daughter she is super allergic to most candy anyway, so she was happy with the occasional lollipop and that’s it. Halloween was always pretty simple for them. Except for this year.

This year I got a feel for the real deal. It’s been years since I felt like it mattered if we celebrated or not. I feel they will actually experience and enjoy it now. My son even wanted a “cool” costume. So I went out and got what’s cool to his little five-year-old heart, the blue ninja turtle of corse. My daughters costume is a little big on her, considering I had it from earlier in the year. It’s Snow White and I had seen it on one of the tag sale pages I follow on facebook and just had to get it. My youngest daughter I am reusing her cousins costume, and she’s being a little cow.

I knew I wouldn’t go out and spend crazy amounts of money (I’m picky about what we spend on anyway). But at least this year they are bigger, they understand more. It will be fun ..I hope.  And the weather is actually going to be normal. One year when my son was small we had snow. Freakin’ snow. We literally drove to each door and let’s just say, it got cut short.

So it was another easy year for the most part. But hey, I am taking them while I can. I have plenty of nieces and nephews to know the expensive and picky costumes are coming. For now I’ll enjoy another year where mommy gets to dress them and be cheap.

What are your little ones or family members being? Drop me a comment below and feel free to ignore any mistakes I wrote 🙂

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