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Say Cheeeeese.

Frozen is on so I have a good window of time to try and type this out.

I used to be big on needing to get professional pictures done for my kid but, that was also 5 years ago. My two daughters never got their pictures done every milestone and did not have to deal with crazed, over-sharer mom. I mean, I did take thousands of pictures of them.. and still do. I just stopped getting them done professionally. I have a newer phone and now I just send the pictures to be printed out, and so on. My son, however, was my first child. You know how it goes with a first born (insert emoji hearts here). The pictures for newborn, six months, nine months, holidays in between, the works. I love those commercials that are for the diapers, and it shows how you are with your first kid, and then your second kid is way easier. By then you got it down. Those commercials, yeah they’re sooo me. Yes, I would love to get their pictures done the same amount but frankly, I know how much it adds up. And not to mention how much I used to over-order. It actually has made me sad on several occasions knowing I went all out for him and not them.

For the record, let me point out how much I hate getting my picture taken. As if you cared but, I will endure it, for the children. I just pray that it’s not as bad as the scenarios I have in my head which are filled with spit up, fights, ripped tights, crying, and a whole lot of mime-type motions behind the photographer for the kids to look and smile. Hopefully, we will make it out alive. Dramatic? I know. And for the people who have made it calmly through a session, you must have one kid. I have been there. The easy days when we used to go. Three kids later, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, if you still get it done with more than two kids and it is easy as pie, kudos to you. Seriously, I envy you.

But here we are, our first family photo session in five years or more is this weekend. It also happens to be maybe 45 minutes after I get out of work. Ah, I can feel the stress and worry already eating away and bubbling inside about it. I’m pretty sure we will be rushing so that’s a killjoy right there. People can keep telling me it should be fun, and just relax. Those people I guess just don’t know me by now. I mean for the amount we’re probably going to end up paying for these things alone, I will be in knots anyway until I see the results. I don’t expect everyone to smile all at the same time and it to come out looking fresh out of a catalog. Especially with the baby. Heck, I will settle for us all looking at the camera, and my hair to not be doing something wildly. Aside from that whining .. I have to admit I am excited to have a family portrait. It is just something so small, but not done often enough.

I don’t have many family pictures from when I was small. That’s one thing I wish I could find more of. Back when I probably was carefree and people actually got pictures of me. My parents split before I was a teenager and along the way everything sort of.. got lost. I have a couple pictures, and it’s just of my siblings and I. There’s no whole family group photo floating around if there ever even was one. Maybe they knew even way back then the way things would turn out, and just never did one. Or maybe one just never got saved after everything went down. Anyway, I want my kids to have tons of pictures to look back on from when they were babies and older. Even ones including mommy or daddy while we have the chance. If something happened down the road and we split up too, we are still always going to be their parents.

So send good (hair day) thoughts and vibes my way :). I have to go and make sure I have lollipops or some other equally easy bribe-worthy candy for tomorrow.

Drop me a note below about any picture related stories or comments you have also.

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