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Holiday Cards?

If you read my post last week then you’d know it was about pictures. This weeks post can relate to that one. Since we went and got our family pictures done recently, it helps me this time around do my picture collage I make every year. Even if I didn’t have any new pictures, I would find an old one and make them somehow.

I love making the Christmas Photo Cards. For some reason, it’s a big deal to me. I can keep saying it. I don’t even know why because the whole process makes me frustrated, really frustrated. Just sitting there trying to crop, pick, edit. It’s just not fun. Especially on my laptop where nothing wants to work right. Like all good things, by the end once they come in and they’re printed I love them and remember why I do them at all. Maybe it’s because I know what they will look like. No surprises are going to pop up on the photo unless it’s a printing error. That is good to not worry about for once.

My rambling point is, do you think it is early? I know some people are all about waiting until after Thanksgiving is over before they even think Christmas thoughts. One holiday at a time. Which is understandable. Working in retail, I get to see a lot of this side. We put up our Christmas section in the store as early as October, sometimes September. We get a lot of complaints about it. It doesn’t bother me. I can keep an eye out on gifts for someone and save throughout the entire year. It’s just how I am. So to me, having these cards ready, stamped, and about to be mailed is no big deal. I do still wait until after Thanksgiving to send them out because I don’t know how others feel.

When do you start doing Christmas things? What is early to you? Do you do anything at all for cards or photos, or do you decorate only? Maybe you don’t celebrate at all. Whatever small thing it is, let me know about it.

(The weekly post this time is kind of all over the place, and short. My son is sick again and home from school so it has been a rough week. I just wanted to post something fast and hope to stay connected with you!)

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