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Kindergarten Picture Day.

Ah, picture day has arrived. My son is in kindergarten this year so I never had to go through this yet, but I have read many stories online about this day. Yes, that dreaded school picture day.  How it would be filled with worry, chaos, unplanned improvised moments. Yet I was one of those people to assure myself that I could handle it. Those were just bad days or silly stories for those people. Apparently it was a big deal with some of the mom pages I followed. I shrugged it off always- it’s not a big deal to me. I mean, pictures didn’t go bad in the past when we took my son to a photographer. I mean sure, so I’m in the background giving that death stare look. I do the little waves and stares so they know to sit still and smile. .and they better or so help me mommy is going to break down but, still.

I had everything sorted ahead anyway like I always do. The clothes were on the stand the night before. I triple checked the form was in his little brand new folder. Which I went out and bought because his other one was hanging on by literally a piece so I knew I had to. Which reminds me, I still would love to know where all the ones I bought when they went on that back-to-school sale for like, 10 cents went to? I swear all the stuff I buy is like damn socks that go missing in the laundry. I’m always missing something.

Okay off subject, so anyway, the form was set, clothes laid out. To be honest, he’s a boy with short hair so really the hair game was easy peasy come morning. We never tried on his new packaged shirt before (rookie move, I know). I just assumed since it was the same size as his normal school uniform shirts, obviously it should fit. Nope. It was so long it could fit me. (I’m very small) Not a big deal, we will just master the art of teaching my 5-year-old how to tuck in his shirt on his own in the 2 minutes we had left. I honestly wasn’t even that worried about it. I knew the pose we picked he’d be standing and it’s mostly a headshot anyway so I wasn’t freaking out about it. Cue clip-on tie. He’s worn ones like it before. They’re pretty simple and besides, I had put it on for him and tucked it in under his collar so it was the least of my worries.I packed his bag; drove him to school drop off; reminded him only twenty or so times in the car to hand in his form with the money in it. Then sent him on his cute little way. Crisis avoided. I think I did pretty well and was a little sad I had no story to go with it.

So I thought.

The end of the school day rolls around, and I’m waiting for him like always with one of his little sisters with me. Then I see him. He’s running over, shirt a mess, one pant leg literally was tucked into his sock, buttons were unbuttoned, tie casually just chillin’ on the second button-hole of his shirt hanging on for its little fabric life, normal as can be. I just so happened to forget, it was art day for his ‘special’ by the way. I asked him why his shirt was undone and his tie moved all silly and he said his teacher told them they could take their ties or bows off after pictures if they wanted. That made me feel better. I pictured that it had to be after recess, and art, at the end of the day must be when he unraveled a little bit. Why it looked like he got completely undressed to take off just his tie was beyond me but yeah we were going with it. I got no reassurance from him, of course. I asked him if he had picture day early in the morning before special, lunch, and recess or after (his lunch is very early like 10 am right after they get there for some sucky reason). All I got in response was some more “I can’t remember” and “I don’t know” comments. I wanted to give that whole “how do you not remember?! You just walked out the door two seconds ago?!” speech but I knew it would get me nowhere. He did finally let me know, though, that soon as he got there is when he took off his tie, and when it was time to do pictures he added it back.. on his own. I asked him if the photographer adjusted him or they didn’t fix it and they had just let it be, and according to him, they left it. Why. Why would they LEAVE IT? I tried to convince myself they fixed his shirt and his tie, but he kept saying they didn’t.

So now I have a good I would say, at least a months worth of time of wait to see these things. I’m full of images of art stained, juice residue blobs popping up in the photo. Or his tie being halfway down his shirt, or even if it is at the top since he doesn’t get the whole concept of tuck-it-under-the-collar, it’s always sticking up over the corners like a pointy triangle disaster. What if the pose isn’t as zoomed in as I’m thinking it will be? What if he did the mad pout face he told me he was going to do because he didn’t want to go. A million other what ifs can surface but I will never know…. well, until a month or so 🙂

Sure, it’s not as bad as some of the picture day stories I have come across by any means. But to me, at least I have something to share now. Even after that I do feel like the worrying and waiting is going to make my hair turn gray – just in time for Christmas. At least ill look festive then, right?.. right??

Technically pictures are in! So they did fix him up and it came out good. Worrying as always extra for nothing. I waited to post this blog so I could add his little picture with it :). That up there was the original post! 🙂IMG_8927

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