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Thanksgiving Crafts!

I don’t think I will be squeezing out a better blog post until next week with the holiday loaded work schedule I have coming up. So, this quick little craft post should suffice. This past weekend we had to do a ‘turkey in disguise’ project with Chayse, our son. I think we are going to get more crafts done this week, so I started googling different cute ideas that were simple, and fun for them. I saved this one that I love this one from the list off of (which is number 20, if you click through for a photo on the link I will share below).

Easy Turkey Pinecone Craft for Kids

  1. Cut a small diamond out of yellow construction paper and fold in half to create the beak.
  2. Cut a wattle (rectangle with a heart shape at one end) out of red construction paper.
  3. Glue beak, wattle and google eyes to pinecone.
  4. Twist dark pipe cleaner around pinecone base and poke into orange.
  5. Glue fall leaves to opposite side of orange to create tail feathers. (Or trace your child’s hand on two different color sheets of construction paper. Cut out and glue them together, overlapping.)
  6. Glue two acorn caps to bottom for feet.

I also love number 2.. check out the website below for the list

Let me know if you do anything fun or creative this week with the holiday creeping up!


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