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Holiday Traditions

I am so glad the weekend is approaching. Normally weekends mean nothing to me because I work so they aren’t days off but, this time, I’m happy. This week at drop off for school in the mornings has been a sucky one. I have also really been slacking on my blog lately. I wanted to post every week or more, but with the holidays, I just can’t find a minute. I work in retail also, so the holiday craze and longer shifts haven’t been fun, but I should be used to it by now.

It’s pretty stinkin’ foggy today as you can see from the picture I attached at the top, which is my backyard.. and it soo matches my mood after the night I had with all three kids.

Anyway, my son asked me yesterday about what traditions we do at home for the holidays since they’re learning about them at school. I realized one of them had become going to see Christmas lights every year. This past weekend we went with some friends to that place around here that has a park all lit up with holiday lights. You can drive through it or park and walk, but not many do it since it gets so cold once it’s dark. We got out for a little, and the kids have a blast like always. My almost 3-year-old had a malfunction on a slippery leafy hill, but we rescued her. It’s just peaceful and pretty driving through lights. To me it’s a similar feeling of calm when you’re at the beach and just looking out into the water, (but I would still be far enough away to not have my little self float away 😉 ) worry free for a while. It’s nice to have something to do around this time of year once it gets colder and it becomes night.

I had also gone recently with my sister and grandmother to the hospital for a memorial tree lighting service they do every year for those who have passed away there that year. My grandfather who passed in March was a part of it. We went down and the kids met Santa and they sing and then they light up the hospital and the tree.

I usually love this time of year, and I still do, I just think while it’s happening you get lost in the chaos and you forget to enjoy it. I know I am guilty of doing it. Then once it passes, I think about how I want it to be Christmas time again.

So tell me, what Holiday traditions do you do every year; if any?

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