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He’s out in the cold?

I was going to post about what the kids got for Christmas, but I honestly felt too guilty after last night. You see, yesterday while we were out we were stopped at a light, and off to the side was a man standing there with a sign. The sign read Hungry and Homeless Please Help. So of course, maybe a minute or two down the road, Chayse asked why he was standing there. We told him what the sign said and how he was homeless, etc. and naturally he was filled with so many questions. “So he hasn’t eaten?” “Why does he not have a house?” “So he just has to stay out in the cold and just freeze?” “He has no family or money?” “Can we take him to our house?” “Can he just move in and live with us?” “Can we go buy him food and help him?” “Let’s give him our money” “What if we become homeless, are we going to starve or just be cold?” “What if something happens and I don’t have you and it happens to me” It went on and on. He talked about it the whole car ride home. He was choked up and upset. It was hard to see him so worried and sad about this man, in a good way though if that makes sense. We didn’t think to try to stop, which happens a lot to people all over I feel. Where we were at when we saw him, there was nothing around on top of it. No fast food places or anything close by, we were low on gas as is, Liana was crying in the back seat, so we didn’t exactly stop. I know tons of people who don’t even give it a second thought and drive away or ignore others every time; and others who would probably stop every time they could. It made me feel worse along the way because I wanted to go back and do something since it was bothering Chayse so much, but we weren’t even in the same town at that point.

In general, people come up to us in parking lots all the time asking for money, they’ll have a whole family with them, or are fully clothed and had just got out the car asking for food. Most of those times, I don’t give to them because we’re barely scraping by. Honestly, I get it. Everyone’s situation is unique, and you don’t know what it is like at home, yes. But to me, those cases and in the moment don’t seem that bad off as say, the homeless guy we had seen with no winter style clothes on, no car around and so on. They probably do need the help I’m sure, and I know it’s hard, but still it’s a difference to me. Even then, in homeless cases, I know some people do use what they get on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, just extra money because they’re asking like that, who knows. That is true too, but not everyone.

It is hard every time I see someone who seems to need it, though. This is the first time it bothered Chayse and where he felt so worried about it. I explained ways to help people, in donating and so on. I mean we do give to donation boxes, drop things off at Good Will and food drives. And while that’s great, I was trying to make him feel better about the homeless man he saw. So he asked, “How can he go and buy clothes at the place we donate with no money?” and “Well he must not know where the homeless shelter is if he’s out in the cold” and so on. I told him next time we could grab food and give something or maybe keep a bag of old clothes in the car for those times or something. I saw online a post about filling an old purse and leaving it in the car. One that has wipes, chapstick, gloves, tissues or floss and little things you would add, for when you see a homeless lady, which is cute too.

It was a good little reminder for him to see how much he does have and how lucky we are to have things like a house, different food, clothes, and a ton of toys. He even agreed to finally give up and sort through some of his old toys that he usually cries about us even touching, so hey, it’s a step. It’s also good to know that (especially lately) while I was starting to lose my mind thinking he was going to stay submerged in his mean sulky anti-love for his family and surroundings state of mind that he had been in; that he still feels for these people and has his sweet, helpful, innocent heart still in tact.

So you see like I had said, I felt silly wanting to post about all these great things we all got for Christmas when we just ran into someone who had nothing. Yes, we worked for them and saved and all that jazz but still. Maybe a different post it’ll intertwine.

Do you ever stop and help the people you see out? Does it depend on what they’re asking? Or do you let everything be, and keep it moving? Leave me a message below or on FB. 🙂

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