My son has “shark teeth”

The other night Chayse told me his mouth hurt. No big deal, not like he hasn’t said it before. I figured he had a sore or something. I got him into the light and saw a tooth. A big boy tooth. It was growing behind his baby teeth, instead of under like you’d expect. Now, maybe you’ve heard of it or seen it before, but I haven’t. I immediately felt my anxiety taking over and felt sick. It was just a little tooth, but I didn’t know what was happening to him or if it was an emergency or not. I automatically assume the worst either way, but I didn’t let him see I was freaked out. What’s wrong with his poor mouth. Why do they have to grow wrong. Why my kid. They’re going to have to pull his teeth. I told him his adult tooth was just coming in, just like he’s been wanting to happen. He looked confused. You and me both kid. “But mom, my teeth aren’t out yet they aren’t even wiggly.” he said. I checked for myself, and he was right his cute little tiny baby teeth weren’t coming out at all. I didn’t know what to call it to even google it. I kept typing in different variations of teeth that grew behind baby teeth and reading through the stories. He only has one in for now, but you can see the other will come just like the pictures on the sites. Finally, someone gave me a name or, nickname, for it.

Shark teeth.

The name comes from what you’d think, sharks – since they have more than one row of teeth. Approximately 1 out of 10 kids can get shark teeth. In most cases the teeth just grow in behind the baby teeth for whatever reason is happening (either no space in the jaw or the root of the baby tooth failed to dissolve enough, so it came up on its own somewhere else) and then push the baby teeth out from behind. It seemed so much more painful reading it happening that way. In the other cases, the baby teeth do have to be extracted. That is what made my heart sink. Mostly because his weren’t even a tad loose. Any new procedure or pain he might have just made me sick, and my anxiety will stay high until the issue is over.. which could end up being weeks. So now we have a little period of time before he sees the dentist where we can hope they correct on its own.

On top of that, he’s getting his 6-year-old molars. This poor kid is like a teething baby all over again. At least, he can think he’s as cool as a shark for a little bit.

Let me know if you have you heard about it or not below or on FB. Maybe I’m just living in a bubble.


A Frozen night, and not from Elsa.

My husband woke me up just before midnight -and my first thought was to kill him because I had JUST fallen asleep and was pissed, but he had a good reason- to inform me that it was unusually cold in the house. Like, the same as the outside single digits feeling cold. Just our luck, something was wrong with our heat. We had oil delivered recently so I knew it couldn’t be that. He tried different things for almost an hour, but we just had to give up it was almost 1 am, no one was awake, and there was nothing we could do. I have a little space heater, so I figured we’d be okay with the bedroom door closed all crammed in there. Trying to keep the tiniest bit of heat inside from that dinky thing did nothing. I was still shivering by 3 am. The kids were covered with two blankets each even. I felt so sorry it was rough (though they didn’t mind since they were in dreamland). They made sure they woke up extra early naturally. I was praying by some miracle we could sleep in until the oil place opened at 8. By 6 we were all awake and under blankets huddled in front of the heater listening to my son say how bored he was staying in one room after oh I don’t know, maybe 10 minutes. Our pipes also froze so there’s that too.

So yeah, I guess it was not a good morning. We finally went to Grandma’s house to be warm after 8 since she is right down the road. Going in and out of the freezing cold didn’t help either since the girls and I don’t feel all that great still. I wanted to cry I was shivering and couldn’t feel my toes.

My point is, don’t take heat for granted. Things happen randomly even when you think you’re prepared. I know people say these things all the time, myself included. But, I can not imagine any animal, person, living thing out in the brutal cold like that. Especially this weekend when it was negative below and the wind made it feel like negative 27 or so around here. Normally you get cold and you can bundle up or turn up the heat but it’s crazy that there are people who can’t. Even being temporarily cold for one night was intense. Apparently so bad that I had to make a whole post about it to complain. 😉 So stay warm out there, and be happy you or your family is indoors and safe. It’s the little things you have to be thankful for, and hopefully, not when it’s too late. But hey, even then, better late than never.

Diy Valentine’s crafts 

 I still am not feeling great from being sick all month with pneumonia. It’s been a long, painful, slow, bloodwork filled recovery. Now my girls are both getting sick with runny noses and are extra crabby, so there’s that.

But, with Valentine’s Day around the corner and having Chayse home from school because of snow and other things, we attempted some crafts. I am horrible at crafts. I like doing them, but I think my 5-year old has better skills. Let’s just say it’s hard to tell who cut what and who drew which when you look at both of our art.

I am also excited, more than him, that my son gets to bring in those cute little Valentine’s Day cards for his class this week. I love that stuff. But back to it, here is some of what we did today with the number next to it if it’s on the link at the bottom:

  • Turn your pencils into love arrows
  • Hand shaped heart cards(#9)
  • Heart stamp (#12)
  • Heart link chain (#15)
  • Lollipop flowers
  • Paper plate heart hats

We cut love bugs and drew other random things but I didn’t get a picture of those into the collage above. Well, not one that I’m willing to share as proof of my attempts! 🙂

Here’s the link below for some easy crafts. I choo-choo-choose you, to have fun!(Simpson’s reference if you caught that 😉 ). Let me know below or on FB if you try any.§ion=us_good-news&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000023