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Let’s talk about socks, baby

Seriously where do they go!? I know it’s a common incident for us laundry doers. Articles of clothing just disappear in the washer/dryer world. The tiny baby socks are the worst. Liana is down to like, maybe two good pairs again. Chayse asked me yesterday when he was getting dressed for school why he always has to wear different socks lately. Why mommy can’t seem to match them *eye roll*. It’s not my fault the dryer gets hungry, ya know? I’m convinced that with the guy ones, the socks just disintegrated themselves in there, on purpose. Guy socks are so stinky and gross (maybe not all but definitely what I’ve had to deal with) that the socks just don’t want to go through that anymore. So they fall apart and wash away with the dirt, to a better fresh scented life.

Once in a while, the washer feels sorry. You know how it leaves some money behind on occasion? Yeah. It’s to make us feel better. We didn’t “forget” to check pockets or anything. It’s just saying, here’s some money you didn’t know was in the pockets–save towards more socks ;).

But really, the picture attached is a pile of socks from my sons load I washed. They have all lost their mate. I have come across posts about the mysterious ways of the missing laundry. I even saw a video once showing how a sock can go down under inside this little flap part of the dryer, and so that’s my best lead so far. One day I’ll solve this case.

Do you miss things other than socks? Let me know below, or FB. And yes, I did make a whole blog post about my laundry.

Happy first day of March!

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