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Avon Beginnings

Besides my job in retail, I am home with my three young children a lot. I wanted a way to make money while home and still be with them. I think a lot of mothers reflect on this.

If you saw one of my posts (either on my personal page or something I shared on the FB that’s linked to this) then you know I have started to sell Avon.

There are tons of work from home type of companies out there. Itworks, Jamberry, Scentsy, R&F, Origami Owl, Pure Romance, and so on. I even shop some of them, and have loved them at times, but, nothing fit for me. I kept thinking about the long haul, and what was worth the money and give me back profit. Though I loved some of those companies, from doing online parties or even ones I had joined in, I had small to little turnout. So why join if I knew I would basically have no customers to start? So next on my list to try was Avon.

My mother actually used to sell Avon when I was a little kid. So it’s funny here I am today 20+ years later being like her. I knew that this business was around for a while, and it has multiple items more than just a general area to work with. From kids fun things, to skin care, to jewelry, even items for theĀ household. With Avon customer wise I would at least have my family to sell product to, so it had that plus for me right away. Throw in the fact that the price to join and become a representative was way lower and more affordable than any other company I had an interest in, (only $15!) and boom here I am. You’re not losing out much if it’s a small fee to try it out. The way I looked at it is, I would have spent that $15 on fast food for us one night, so instead let’s try investing that little amount into something.

Ok, so in the start up kit for $15 I received ten brochures for the current campaign, 10 for my next campaign, two full-size product samples, an order book for face to face sales, a folder, informational papers, and two different product little sample packs to hand out. I might have even had more things, but my mind is drawing a blank. There are options to start with a bigger kit for more money which in return you get more items in your bundle, but the smallest will work for just getting your feet wet and in the swing of things.

They run campaigns, which is the two weeks time you have until the books will change and new sales period starts. During those two weeks, you would hand out brochures or make an online store (like I did which comes free when you enroll) and sell. As long as you sell over $50, you will earn 20% on sales. As you sell more your earning percent changes and you get more. Here’s the chart:

So you may not make any money right away, you have to connect and get customers, get out there. Heck, I am still trying to do this myself, but with little techniques I come across I feel like I am slowly getting more connections.

Now, let me quickly note that you do have to pay for brochure books to hand out every two weeks if you are doing face to face sales. They are around $7 or less for a pack of 10. You can sell online only and not pay anything, but I found it is still a tad difficult at first.

Yes, more money can go into it if you want. But that is up to you. Do you want business cards, or you can make some purchases yourself to try products. Or buy them and maybe do giveaways? It is all entirely up to you, though, you’re in control. If I spent moreĀ than my $15 starter fee so far it was my choice.

There’s an online training center and lots of YouTube videos if you needed to learn something. I had a lot of questions and still do, I’m only three weeks inĀ after all. But luckily you get emails from your district welcoming you and sending you FB links and webinars to join and try and help.

Okay, so that was more rambling than I thought I would do for my Avon intro post. And I know I can add more things about it! But I’ll try and cut it off here. I might do product review posts or share business things here since it is currently a part of my hectic life.

If you wanted to become a rep, just contact me! I can get you signed up and you can come to me with any questions.

Or, if you would like to shop my store and have things mailed to you, please go to www.youravon.com/kellyp

Or even just friend me on FB at: Www.facebook.com/avonrepkellyp

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